Lots going on on the Petre Team

There is a lot of recent good news to report on the Petre Team:

We can now officially welcome our trainer Alex Vitale!

Dr Petre has a new publication out
T2 values of articular cartilage in clinically relevant subregions of the asymptomatic knee
Rachel K. Surowiec, Erin P. Lucas, Eric K. Fitzcharles, Benjamin M. Petre, Grant J. Dornan, J. Erik Giphart, Robert F. LaPrade, Charles P. Ho
KSSTA, June 2014, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 1404-1414

Dr Petre has been selected by Vitals.com as a Vitals Top Ten Doctor in your neighborhood. Only the top 1% of the 850,000+ doctors on vitals get this award!

Gary Horsmon, PA-C has just completed another half marathon seconds off his personal best time, Congrats Gary!

Dr Petre just completed the Rock Hall tri setting his personal best and beating last years time by 30+ minutes.

Its a great day to be on the Petre Team!