PCL Tears

PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) Tears

PCL Injury
The PCL is a very strong stabilizing ligament in the center of the knee. It is difficult to tear and often will be the result of a serious impact or sports injury. Many times the PCL is not injured alone and other structures in the knee a damaged.

Non-operative Treatment
The PCL is in a constant battle with gravity. Gravity pulls the tibia or shin bone backwards and it is the PCL’s job to help resist that amongst other forces. The PCL is also crucial for going downhill or down stairs.  A partial PCL tear can occasionally be treated with a brace worn at all times which resists these forces and allows the PCL to heal in the proper place.

PCL Surgery

Often, the PCL needs to be reconstructed when it is torn.  Dr. Petre will do custom XRays to help determine if surgery is warranted. If so, your PCL will be reconstructed using a double bundle technique, often with cadaver grafts.  The rehabilitation after your surgery is crucial to your recovery.  Dr. Petre will guide you through this process.  You will need to use a custom PCL brace for 6 months and it will be a full year prior to being fully released for all sports..