Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)

CPM Machine

For certain procedures Dr. Petre will prescribe a CPM or continuous passive motion machine to aid in your rehabilitation.  A CPM is a motorized device to move your knee and hip gently while you rest.  On occasion, insurance companies will require a letter of medical necessity for the CPM machine.  Dr. Petre’s office can provide this letter but does not guarantee that it will be covered.


CPM has been shown to be medically necessary for an excellent result in microfracture.  You will use a CPM machine for 8 weeks if you have a hip or knee microfracture.


CPM is an important tool in fighting joint stiffness or arthrofibrosis of the knee or hip.  After undergoing surgery to remove scar tissue for joint stiffness, a CPM will be prescribed for 4 weeks.