Hip Arthritis

Hip Arthritis


Hip arthritis is a wearing out of the cartilage in the ball and socket used to keep the joint running smooth.  The cartilage can wear from normal use, abnormal motion or biomechanics, and systemic reasons such as rheumatoid disease.  When the cartilage wears away, the hip no longer glides smoothly with can cause inflammation, decrease in range of motion and pain.

Non-Operative Treatment

Treatment of arthritis is primarily symptomatic.  There are no good ways to reverse arthritis to date.  Non-operative treatment primarily is anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy for range of motion and strengthening and occasionally steroid injections.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment can be minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment as long as there is more than 2mm of joint space remaining.  If there is less than 2mm of joint space, arthroscopic treatment is less effective and the surgical treatment of choice is hip replacement which is highly effective at treatment of arthritis. Dr Petre does not do hip replacements but would be happy to help get you an appoitment to discuss replacement with one of his partners..