Gluteus Medius Tendonitis

Gluteus Medius Tendonitis

The gluteus medius tendon is one of the large hip extensors.  It is located in the side and back of the hip.  The muscle originates in the buttock and travels down to the greater trochanter.  The gluteus tendon is particularly susceptible to inflammation and pain.   The gluteus medius tendon can be torn, inflamed, or chronically damaged.


The diagnosis of an injured gluteus medius tendon is primarily made on the patient’s history and physical exam.  Because of the complexity of the hip joint, x-rays and an MRI are often ordered as well to ensure the pain is not coming from other structures.

Non Operative Treatment

Non operative management is the mainstay of treatment.  Stretching and strengthening is the key to treating tendon issues.  Often ice and anti-inflammatories are used to treat acute pain.  Occasionally, a steroid injection is warranted around the tendon or greater trochanteric bursa for patients who don’t fully respond.  PRP is occasionally used to encourage healing.

Surgical Treatment

The need for surgery is rare in isolated gluteus tendon issues..