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    Patient Reviews
    Jul 15, 2012

    Dr. Petre always takes the time to listen to what I say. I know that he respects me and my time- evidenced by the little time I waited to be seen and the amount of care I received in the office. He’s polite, knowledgable, and caring. You’ll search far and wide for a physician of Dr. Petre’s caliber, and you’ll still come up short. There’s no one I would trust with my orthpaedic needs more than him. I would recommend Dr. Pretre to anyone I know.

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  3. Excellent doctor. Took care of my knee. Always available to explain. Very thorough. I would recommend Dr Petre to anyone who needs this type of care. He is excellent. Thanks Dr Petre!

  4. Dr. Petre did a great job with my ACL and meniscus repair, could not be happier with the result. He is a great doc and always takes time to answer all my questions. Would reccomend him to anyone, he is a gret doctor.

  5. Dr. Petre is the only surgeon I could find in the Mid Atlantic area who can do a Gluteus Medius Tendon Repair arthroscopically.
    My tendon had 2 tears (probably due to extensive Spinning), and after almost 2 years it was almost severed from the hip bone.
    He took his time answering all my questions, addressed all my concerns and finally did the surgery. Everything he described so far has been right on target.
    Since it is a new procedure I was lucky to have found him, and I would recommend him to anyone. He makes you feel comfortable, is friendly and patient and an excellent surgeon.

  6. I shattered my leg and Dr Petre did an amazing job putting all the pieces together. My leg healed remarkably well due to his talented work. I cannot say enough about his ability and compassion. He is a wonderful surgeon.

  7. I came to Dr. Petre to get a torn labrum repaired. He had me to physical therapy, get a cortisone shot, and then more physical therapy before he would do the surgery. I just wanted to get the surgery, but he said this was the process. I didn’t it and it didn’t help so we scheduled the surgery. Looking back all of the physical therapy even though it doesn’t get rid of the pain was the smartest thing he made me do! I truly believe that if I hadn’t done the physical therapy before the surgery, then the physical therapy after the surgery would have been so much HARDER! I’m 4 months post op, and have no limp, very limited pain, am still in physical therapy, but I’m getting stronger. I truly appreciate, not only his skill as a surgeon but his increasable bedside manner.

    And if you have issues with alcohol or drugs he’s a great doctor to see! I’m 5 year sober and thanks to him I still am. He gave me the medication I needed for the surgery but he and I agreed that no matter what he would NOT refill my prescription for pain killers. He kept that promise and I am truly grateful.

    Thank you Dr. Petre for helping to repair my hip and helping me to stay on track with my sobriety.

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